A new & deeper experience in relaxation

A spiritual well-being

Through the experience of hypnagogic light you experience overall health in a pleasant and joyful way.

Lucia N°03 offers the user a powerful experience of well-being without healing stages or complicated rehabilitation, and is characterized by a very nice passive sensation, non-addictive, highly entertaining and with long-term effects .

Lucia N°03 provides the following effects:

  • Quick deep relaxation (theta).
  • Immersion in extraordinary color worlds and forms of beauty never experienced before.
  • Stress reduction over time
  • Letting-go in the light
  • Able to see the world through the eyes of a child
  • Full health experience
  • Out of body awareness sensation
  • Deep emotions and feeling of true happiness, of a return to the Source.

A new dimension reached in relaxation and a powerful voice for the mind.

Lucia N°03 creates a bridge to higher states of consciousness by stimulating the pineal gland, which explains the feeling of well-being both psychologically and physically reported by most users.

Benefits for health & mind