Wish to offer Lucia N°03 in a special place...

Lucia N°03 is a so unique in its way that it can fit perfectly in different setup depending on location and conditions ...

Wellness Centers
Spa, body care institutes and wellness centers fit perfectly for the Lucia experience. If you work in such facility or own a wellness center, the organization of a special "Discover the Lucia Light" type of event is totally possible! Offering your customers a unique opportunity to have one or several Lucia experiences on multiple dates aligned with you.

This can be put in place through a regular facilitator (me) coming for 1-2 days. Or by purchasing a Lucia lamp you have the opportunity to broaden your offer with something special and unique, as done in the Zome Bien-être of Moncaut, France.

The business environment is very demanding and requires a lot from both executives and employees to deliver a perfect operation and profitability. Also shown by many studies, more and more business are realizing that relaxed and happy employees in their work are much more efficient, they perform better, are less subject to absenteeism and contribute in a more active way in the positive growth of their company.

In the workplace Lucia°03 has proven its ability to*:

• induce deep relaxation states, particularly in stressed people.
• bring greater clarity of mind, especially in decision making.
• recharge mentally and physically (tired people).
• reload and realign psychologically those in a "burnout" phase.

* The above benefits were observed among traders and emergency doctors in Australia in 2013 and 2014.

If you are a CEO, HR manager (or in any position of influence) and would like to offer Lucia sessions to your managers and/or employees, the organization of a day (weekly, bi-monthly or monthly) in your premises can be put in place easily. Depending on your company policy and/or the benefits you want to offer to your employees, this day can be considered in two ways:

1. The company offers this service free of charge to its employees and thus my services are paid in full for the day. Cost to the company: 650€/day, cost to the employee: 0€. Your employees contact me beforehand to fix their appointment on the day I shall be present.
The length of a session is approximately 30 minutes (light only) or 45min with energy balance analysis ; The first session requires 40-50min because of test / calibration.

2. The company offers this service to its employees but at the expense of the employee. Cost to the company: € 0, cost to the employee: 60€/session (or 75€ with energy balance analysis). Same procedure: Your employees contact me beforehand to fix their appointment on the day I shall be present.

Condition: the company agree to guarantee at least 12 appointment when I'm present, otherwise the company agrees to cover the difference of the amount for missing appointments below minimum 12 appointments.

If the experience is positive for you, buying a lamp may be considered. A employee of the company can be trained (by me) so that you have the freedom to use it  as much as you want at your own discretion and are free of any constraints related to the coming of an outsider (fixed cost, protection of data depending on the type activity or any requirement of a to commit to a minimum of appointments).

Increasingly high-end hotels, known and reputable, offer new services particularly in the context of well-being, so that their clients can have an unforgettable experience in such establishment. Most CEOs and/or Wellness or Spa managers of such names are very much aware of this. Always looking to offer something new and most unique that no other luxury establishments, resorts and Grand Hotels worldwide offer do not offer for now, here is a very unique and exclusive opportunity indeed for you to offer this new experience: a deep relaxation experience that immerses you into a world of extraordinary colors and shapes: The hypnagogic Lucia Light experience!

If you are interested in having this invaluable device, I offer you two options:

1. The organization of predefined dates, prior to which you offer your exclusive clients (onsite, via your website, newsletter, Smartphone application, SMS, etc.) of this unique experience for these specific dates. The cost for the facility: €0. The cost to the client: €100/session. The session lasts between 45 and 60min. The venue must provide a room for receiving clients, which should feature a comfortable armchair or a adjustable lounge chair, and a table & chair for the facilitator (me). Booking system to be discussed.
Condition: guaranteeing at least 7 appointment of the day, otherwise the hotel agree to cover the difference for the number of missing appointment below minimum 7 appointments.

2. Your establishment wishes to offer this service continuously to its customers, so you may decide to acquire your own Lucia lamp. A employee of yours (or a part-time hiree) will be provided to be trained (by me) as a Lucia facilitator so that you can manage your own sessions.

Thank you for contacting me for any request.