Dirk Proeckl

Lucia's inventors

Lucia N°03 was created by two Austrian doctors - Dirk W. Proeckl (neurologist) and Engelbert J. Winkler (clinical psychologist). At the age of 7 years, Dr. Winkler lived an intense near-death experience (NDE). This led him later to perform extensive research on the phenomenon of NDE's. In particular he discovered that most of the NDE's were preceded by an intense light source. After further studies it appears that ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Egyptians, Native Americans were aware of the effect of light on consciousness. Observing the dancing flames of a fire that flickers, or other light sources in caverns/caves lead to altered and expanded states of consciousness. It is often reported states of deep mystical peace and unity with the Spirit, journey to other worlds and dimensions, connection to Light Beings - receiving oracles, divinations and healing.



Extreme situations - ie imminent death experience (NDE), competitive sport or deep meditation - can trigger physical, emotional or mental processes of readjustment of the whole organism.

In this context, multidisciplinary research already demonstrated in the early 1980's a significant increase in the quality of life to spontaneous remissions. The persons concerned report that the meeting of a strong light source was the cause of these positive changes.

The Viennese neurologist and founder of logotherapy & existential analysis Viktor E. Frankl (1905-1997) describes the spiritual dimension of the human being as a dimension beyond the concept of disease.

The hypnagogic light experience provides access to this source of health and well-being in the light.

Engelbert Winkler

Lucia N°03

  • Lucia N°03 is a light device combining a strobe (flash light) with varying speeds and intensities, and LED (light constant) also generating different degrees of brightness. While the strobe triggers certain types of experience as intense perception of colors and shapes, loss of sensation of the body, etc. the constant light is responsible for the actual light experience in itself.

  • Lucia N°03 is a neuro-stimulator that induces particular forms of brain waves (EEG) normally observed after several years of meditation practice. Since the process involves more than just visual reproduction of a phenomenon generated by an intense light source, each session is actually experienced differently.

  • Lucia N°03 facilitates transcendental experiences that otherwise would come only in extreme situations, such as near-death experiences, entheogenic consumer products (plant-based substance usually ingested to produce altered states of consciousness for religious or spiritual purposes), etc. and therefore generates the same positive side effects. The usefulness of this experience is without equal and the effects of a first meeting can trigger the desire for additional sessions (though no pathological addiction is experienced).

  • Lucia N°03 can be used anywhere without difficulty and is easy to carry.

  • Using Lucia N°03 remains at the sole responsibility of the user. This system should not be used on infants, pregnant women, or individuals with intolerance to strobe lights - i.e. due to a psychological condition (psychosis, anxiety disorder, etc.), or any individual with a medical history of epileptic seizures.

Development of the hypnagogic light

The observation of many near-death experiences (NDE) which brought better health or triggered spontaneous healings pushed the idea of ​​exploring those potential benefits. It became clear that these experiences can have a verifiable impact. Reading NDE protocols to suicidal people revealed a strong anti-suicidal cause-and-effect relationship.

Fundamental changes in the attitude follow. Those people often speak of "back to basics" feelings. Even sickness and suffering make sense. The therapeutic effect of the experience is due to the stabilization of self-esteem, since psychological damage is often associated with low self-esteem.

It appears that the light of experience during NDE multiplies those effects, which leads to the question: is it possible to amplify the therapeutic effects more by light stimulation? Taking into account that the main functional areas of the brain are not able to differentiate the imagination of real events, Dr. Winkler and Dr. Proeckl began work on stimulation by external light sources. Alongside basic research were conducted and the results can be summarized as follows:

The pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain, among other things serves to collect light through the eyelids. At the time of death, it secretes dimethyltryptamine (DMT). DMT is also the active substance that is found in a South American plant known as the "vine of the spirits", "vine of the dead" or "vine of souls", or more commonly, Ayahuasca. Indigenous healers and shamans say that eating this plant can achieve a luminous dimension where any healing process begins. In an extensive study conducted by Dr. Rick Strassman (DMT, the molecule of the mind, 2001) have established a significant release of the pineal DMT could be due to neurological EMI. DMT is secreted directly into the cerebrospinal fluid and can thus reach the receptors into contact with the cerebral fluid even after cardiac arrest. In the largest study ever conducted psychedelic, psychiatrist Dr. Strausmann administered doses of DMT to several dozen volunteers. They systematically brought impressive experience in a supernatural light, which they attributed a healing power and existential revelations properties.

The brain is able to activate those powers that can heal the body at any stage of the disease. This phenomenon is known as the "spontaneous remission" and was the subject of study for many multidisciplinary research. Although it is still too early to explain how the brain accomplishes this feat, individuals often describe the sensations of light and heat they associate with this process.

For a long time, light has played a central role in the treatment of many diseases. Whether in the treatment of depression, tumors or compulsive disorders, various applications seems unlimited.

At the height of spiritual experience we meet again the phenomenon of light.

The light and consciousness reflect the dual nature of a single phenomenon. Light manifests into matter and energy, consciousness in body and spirit.

Test series combining different light sources with hypnosis techniques have provided surprising results. Following their experience to find themselves "in the light", subjects reported improvements not only predictable, but also the following effects:

• Distortion or stop time
• Dissolution into the light
• Contact with death
• disembodiment Experience
• Mystical Experiences

In all cases, a state of deep relaxation could be observed. Like no other relaxation technique, the "relaxation by the light" is characterized by an amplified focus (on the EEG, ie EEG). Therefore, the majority of those tested feel both very relaxed and full of energy after a first meeting.

Price of a session
The price of a session is 80 € (when I travel in France) and 70 € at my practice in Nice. It may be higher when sessions are offered abroad. The price includes a quick discussion on why you're here, explanation on the device and 1st session verifications, calibration demo-tests (only at 1st session), the session itself, and a sharing and debrief of the session and potential shifts after the session. As we observe that most long-lasting effects often happen between 5 and 7 sessions, I offer special discounts when taking packs of 7, 5 or 3 sessions. Please ask for rates.