More clarity, more intuition, more let go

Hello Pascal,

Here I am today with my 8th Lucia session (May 12, 2015) thanks to you. My decision to continue the sessions has been driven by the discoveries I observe every day in my life:

  • The stimulation by the light has revealed, first of all, a chronic depression which I was completely unaware, and which probably has been around since childhood. Today feel an indescribable on-going peace.
  • I put more order in my choices, even the slightest ones, which takes me to an inner and outer cleaning, literally and figuratively.
  • Some experiences I had long ago that remained on hold without integration (I assume it wasn't the right time) come back to the surface for me to take a new look and reassess them with a different eye. I get over them more easily as if nothing ever happened, or they disappear before I realize it, and it is no long after that that I say: oh by the way...
  • As recently as last weekend I realized the very existence and unity of my two internal opposite forces, it was a huge surprise! At first I felt some discontentment but then I was overwhelmed with joy and a great sense of peace; it went so quickly I had no time to say: "hey wait a second...!"

With this experience my breath amplified, something new has taken over: a sense of peace. And also something new to me: an inner and outer mergence leaving a feeling of safety. It is as if I am settling in to a new space: brand new, more comfortable, more spacious, inviting me  to sort things out that are no longer needed to me, especially relating to clothing, and my household. And it continues...!!

And for all these experiments, big and small, wonderful and magical, thank you Pascal for crossing my path and accompanying me a bit on the way...

Marie-Hélène L.

Better sleep...

Quality time spent with you in this place. Lucia Light therapy did so much good on me! I slept so well the following night... I went skiing with my children the next day (yesterday). And yet I slept so well last night. when I usually don't these days... A big thank you Pascal!

Anonymous testimonies (during fairs & exhibitions)

  • Client (in his early forties) arrives on Friday; he has with a dull face, clearly tired. She had a session which made her feel good, and then leaves. On Sunday, I was talking to another visitor, she barged in to the discussion thanking me, she could not explain what had happened but she felt different, her thoughts were clearer, she not only seemed happier but had completely different look. Her face was bright! Clearly remarkable to see such a change in just two days and especially after just one session...
  • A young woman (in her early thirties) along with her parents stopped at my booth. We started chatting about the fact that Lucia N°03 is particularly effective with stressed or depressed people, and people suffering from sleeping disorders (insomnia) or concentration (students or jobs very "mental" as emergency physicians, traders, etc.) She was very quite and her parents were leading the discussion and asked a lot of questions. The only thing she said was: it may be good for me? She looked really off (I learned from her father that she was under high-dose drugs for depression). She had a session. At the end of it, she looks at me with a clearly different look, more alive! I ask her how she is doing? She replied, "Well... these colors are amazing! "I ask her how she feels with regard to before the session? She replied: "I feel more awake!" She leaves my booth and told his father that he should try the machine, the colors are amazing... His parents seem surprised and delighted, and then leave... a few minutes later her mother comes back and say: "It's really odd, because she rarely speaks and now she just doesn't stop talking about this machine... We'll be in touch!"

Live comments right after the experience...

  • Wow... This is crazy! Those colors... my God...!!
  • I really feel more relaxed... you are sure there are no other colors than white coming from the device... ??
  • Everything's fine? Him: Yeah... it's amazing !! Is what I saw was real...?!
  • That's crazy...!!
  • It's unbelievable! It was so beautiful... it was like returning "home", to the source...
  • Is everything fine? She (wiping his eyes): I can't describe what I went through... what did you see of feel? She: I felt God! What do you mean by that? Hmm... first I saw myself from the inside, I saw my organs, my blood circulating... even my DNA! And then... I had the feeling that there was  no more separation with everything around me ... like I was one with the whole...
  • Are you ok? Him (wiping his cheeks): [4-5 seconds silence]  it felt like pure happiness!
  • Apart from beautiful colors, nothing special... Me: Okay, and do you feel the same compared to before the experiment...? Him: No, I feel... different .. like in a different state... it's a strange feeling...?
  • I saw like in a beehive, you know these hexagonal shaped compartments where the bees store honey... well inside these compartments there was like a code, or a letter which I could not tell you what it meant, but it looked like Aramaic, then after it become gold...
  • On the day after the session at my practice (session #2): it's so different and better than at the expo... it really feels like being embraced by the Earth... and that feeling of serenity! You'll think I'm crazy, but at some point... ... I had the sensation of being in the presence of Mary when I was surrounded by this blue light...